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Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance and Tune Up Tips

The sun is shining, the air is warmer and the grass is starting to grow.

Lawn Mower Tune up & Maintenance Tips

Welcome to Lawn Mower Maintenance 101.

With warmer weather, you and your yard are going to be spending some quality time together.

That means, getting the mower out of storage and tuned up for a summer full of cutting.

Well, a spring tune-up for your mower is as easy as 1-2-3 and simple as 101.

lawn-mower-maintenanceAnother season of mowing …

If you missed our fall series on mower maintenance following these steps can help you and your mower get the most out of your yard work.

If you didn’t do it in the fall, one of the first things you should do is replace your oil. Just like in your car, dirty oil can really mess up your engine, drastically limiting it’s performance. (more…)

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Snowblower Flat Tire Repair

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Snowblower Flat Tire Repair

Snowblower Tire Repair Instructional Video

Welcome back everybody behind me I got the Toro 524 snow blower and I am going to show you how to repair the flat tire on the snow blower.

As I’ve mentioned before most snow blower tires are tubeless so it’s kind of like the same principle on a car there’s no tube just the valve here so what happens over time is the air leaks between the rim and the tire. (more…)

Bounce Houses Can Make Your Holiday Party More Fun

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

bounce house party rentalsA Few Examples of Popular Bounce Houses

By Harold Abarca

Bounce houses can turn a great party into an epic one. What’s there not to love about? They are fun, exciting and safe.

Any family that wants to create a memorable birthday party for their child, will want to see what inflatables are available for rent. There is an incredible selection of fun and exciting and slides to rent.

Whether you want to host the best birthday bash ever or just a fun family get together during the holiday season, you can find the perfect inflatable bounce-house for your kids.


party-rentals-inflatables-wisconsin-reedsburg-a1-saw-mowerPopular Bounce Houses

Princess Castle – perfect for a little princess looking for her bounce magic castle.

Sports Arena – it has a basketball hoop for the young athlete dreaming for a hoop glory.

Mickey Mouse – one of the most favored. It is a bounce that is perfect for a Disney themed party. (more…)

Get Your Snow Thrower Ready for Winter Use

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Make sure your snow thrower is fully functional and ready for the next big snow storm with this helpful video guide

Easy Video Guide to Preparing Your Snow Thrower for Use

These helpful tips will ensure your snow blower or thrower is in tip top shape for winter

For snow thrower and snow blower parts, service or repair stop by A1 Saw & Mower Service & Rentals in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

We can also rent you a snow thrower if yours is in the shop or in need of replacement.

DIY Must Have Power Tools

Friday, November 15th, 2013

power-sander-tool-rentalMust-Have DIY Power Tools For Your Home

By Verniel Cutar

From small projects like restoring old furniture or building picture frames to more ambitious projects like building a custom wardrobe, home improvement can be fun and easy on your budget. But first, you must have a reasonably well-stocked tool kit. Here are some essentials which will make the job simple and more interesting.

Electric Drill

A good quality drill will probably be your first purchase. There are a variety of corded and cordless power drills available, but for the beginner, a medium range corded drill is advisable. Corded drills are usually tougher, more durable and last longer. Cordless drills are more convenient, so if you are choosing one, make sure it has extra battery packs so that you can use one while the other is being recharged. A tough hammer drill which has an additional hammering action is also a good choice. (more…)

Snowblower Rust Prevention

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Preventing Rust on Your New or Used Snow blower is easy with this how-to video:

Snow Blower Rust Prevention

How to prevent your snow blower parts from getting rusty

Snow blower Maintenance Tips : Snowblower Rust Prevention

Snow blowers made of metal tend to rust more frequently. Prevent a snow blower from rusting with expert tips in this free video on snow blower maintenance.

Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we’ll be talking about rust prevention.

Now, there’s a lot of different areas that can rust on a snow blower.

Here we have our auger unit, and it is an older snow blower, so it is made of metal and metal and wet snow equals rust. So, we want to make sure to protect it and keep it from rusting. (more…)

Do It Yourself Small Engine Repairs

Friday, October 18th, 2013

reedsburg-equipment-rental-center-log-splitterSmall Engine Repairs You Can Do Yourself

By Johnny Kilroy

When your lawn mower, garden tiller or hedge trimmer won’t start, you would naturally perform basic troubleshooting. After checking the gas, oil and blades, you might not have to call the repairman yet. Here are some small engine repair procedures that you can do.

Spark Plug Replacement

One of the easiest small engine repair tasks on this list, replacing the spark plug usually does the trick. Being the onset for combustion, it receives the most power in the shortest amount of time. This is why it easily gets charred, oily, or busted. When it comes to spark plug substitutions, it’s always a good idea to go for more expensive plugs of better quality than the cheap kinds that need constant replacing. (more…)

Chipper Shredder Repair

Monday, October 7th, 2013

wood-chipper-shredderRepairing Chipper Shredders

By Milton Kumar Rai

One of the downsides that come with chipper shredder ownership is the very real potential that the machine could break down on you.

As with any mechanical device (just like cars and lawnmowers), chipper shredders can develop problems, which can make it very difficult to safely and efficiently use the machine.

By getting your chipper shredder serviced regularly, you can help to prevent breakdowns and the severe damage that unsafe equipment can cause.

Luckily, much of the maintenance that a shredder must be exposed to can be undertaken by the homeowner, helping to save you money in the long run. The areas to keep an eye on are the blades, hopper, cables, wheels and the engine. (more…)

Fall Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide

Monday, September 16th, 2013

husqvarna-awd-lawn-mowerLawn Mower Fall Maintenance and Repair Tips – Home 101

Hey everyone, it’s Joel and Courtney back for more muscle mower garage.

Courtney: What, we’re giving the 101.

Joel: Right.

Joel: As you can see we’re here with our trusty mower, which has performed admirally all summer long.

Courtney: But, to keep this investment running trusty for future summers it’s important to winterize your mower. So here are a few things you’ll need to get started.

Lawn Mower Winterization

How to get your mower ready for winter storage


Taking Care of Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Friday, September 6th, 2013

husqvarna-zero-turn-lawn-mowers-45Caring for Lawn Rental Equipment

By Johnny Kilroy

Making a living can take up so much of your time that your once beautiful lawn has been reduced to a jungle mess. The quickest way to get the big job done is by bringing out the heavy artillery such as weed-eaters, garden tractors, power washers and what not.

But these top-of-the-line machines can rip a hole in your pocket, which makes rental equipment the easiest way to making the quickest way possible. However, their use can get expensive if not done right. Here are some tips to avoid incurring additional charges.

Before you call your local provider, enumerate everything you would need. Write down all the tasks you would have to do in order to restore your backyard. When you contact them, name the tools and what you would use them for. Ask the contractor for recommendations, especially on the latest multi-functional rental equipment. (more…)